Who Are The Buyers?

Since 1987, PBB has employed unmatched pest industry business transaction experience, broad capabilities, and unparalleled market reach to help small- and middle-market pest control companies achieve their individual strategic objectives.

Fact is all buyer-types value companies differently.

Pest Control companies are purchased by different types of Buyers for many different reasons. These Buyer-types include large-company acquirers, private equity investors, regional- and local-competitors, partnerships, individuals… and others. 

Who will recognize your business’ greatest potential?

Our pre-deal processes combined with a confidential, strategic search of qualified buyers is conducted both inside and outside our client’s current geography to determine the best acquirer for our client’s business.

Which buyer will bring the most value to a transaction?

As shown below, Preferred Business Brokers creates client appeal throughout the marketplace resulting in maximum value captured among a variety of Buyer-types.

25 years of pest industry merger and acquisition experience plus an understanding of our client’s business allows us to confidentially exercise a strategic search for qualified candidates most likely to recognize the full potential of our client’s businesses.

Our market reach creates the right exposure to the overall marketplace which helps bring maximum value for each our clients. Contact us or call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153. (Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)