Mergers & Acquisitions – Brokerage / Advisory

Pest Control is different. Buying or Selling a business is complicated.

Since 1987, Preferred Business Brokers has employed unmatched pest industry business experience, broad capabilities, and unparalleled market reach to help small- and middle-market pest control businesses achieve their individual strategic objectives. Because we work exclusively in the Pest Control Industry we understand the real-world issues critical to each of our clients businesses. Issues such as deal-timing and confidentiality are appropriately managed at every level.

 Preferred Business Brokers - Mergers & Acquisitions

Our pre-deal processes, strategic exit planning, and participation at every step help our clients successfully navigate “eyes wide open” through the web of sometimes complex business transaction mechanisms and beyond.

Deal disaster/failure is often the hallmark of inexperience and lack of relative pest industry business transaction knowledge. 

With over 25 years of pest industry business transaction leadership experience, we have successfully managed hundreds of small- and middle-market pest industry transactions with rewarding results. Maximum transaction value is an achieved and proven net result of our leadership, deal experience, resources, and networks put to use for each of our clients.

For a free confidential consultation and to learn more about what we can bring to the table for you, contact Preferred Business Brokers or call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153. (Outside the United States or Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)