How Much is My Pest Control Business Worth?

This is what every owner wants to know...

There are many reasons that a business owner decides to sell: retirement, other business opportunities, a major life change. There are also many other factors that go into the decision to liquidate. But, by far the questions we get asked the most is, "How much is my pest control business worth?" This is a simple question, but getting to the answer is complicated. Although there are ways to quantify the value of a business, it is not often that straight forward. What an owner really wants to know is how to get top dollar for his business - that's where PBB comes in.

How to Value a Small Pest Control Business & Get Top Dollar

How Much is My Pest Control Business Worth? Preferred Business BrokersThere are many factors used in determining the value of a pest control business. Obviously, the company's assets and liabilities, annual revenue and expenses, and the company's goodwill and identity in its community are all very important factors. Here at Preferred Business Brokers, we employ many strategies developed from hundreds of pest control business transactions to maximize your company's value.

Business Valuation is both an art and a science. Our proprietary valuation models have been developed by 30 years of exclusive pest control industry experience.

First, we know where to look for hidden value typically missed by others. We have a proven pre-deal process designed to prepare your company to realize maximum value among all prospective buyers. We understand different buyer types, know what factors are important to each of them, and how to present your company in the best light to appeal to all.

Our network within the pest control industry is far reaching. We have conducted transactions all across the US and in the Caribbean for over 30 years. We have connections with other small and mid-size business owners as well as corporate buyers. You only need one buyer for your pest control company. However, the more exposure you can gain to a wide selection of buyers, the greater the increase will typically be to the sale price of your business. We have the network to provide your business this type of exposure... confidentially.

It is not about simply finding a buyer - It's about finding the BEST buyer.

Our strategic search for qualified candidates among all buyer-types, will result in finding the buyer most likely to recognize the highest potential, and therefore highest value of your business. Not all buyers will value your pest control company the same. It is our job to know what aspects of your business will appeal to each potential buyer, and match those buyers looking in your particular geographic area.

Finally, innovative deal solutions help us to maximize your return, while minimizing your risk. We specialize only in Pest Control Business transactions. With over 30 years of experience closing hundreds of these transactions, we've seen it all. We have the track record to prove it - take a look at some of our recent transactions.

Creativity combined with experience is a sure win every time.

Preferred Business Brokers combines creative talent, vast industry resources, and leadership achieved through experience. The results? A superior client experience where risk is minimized and maximum transaction value is achieved. For a free confidential discussion to learn more about how PBB can optimally value a pest control business with strategies that are proven to bring more to the table, contact us. Call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153, or use the form below to request a free confidential consultation. (Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)


More About Preferred Business Brokers...

Pest Control is different. Buying or selling a business is complicated.

Since 1987, Preferred Business Brokers has employed unmatched pest industry business experience, broad capabilities, and unparalleled market reach to help small and middle market pest control businesses achieve their individual strategic objectives. Because we work exclusively in the Pest Control Industry we understand the real-world issues critical to each of our clients' businesses. Issues like deal-timing and confidentiality are appropriately managed at every level.

Our pre-deal process, strategic exit planning, and personal involvement at every step, help our clients realize the maximum value with the least amount of risk. Deals often fail due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge regarding pest industry business transactions. With over 30 years of pest company transaction experience, we have successfully managed hundreds of small and middle market pest industry transactions with rewarding results.

Rand Hollon

Rand Hollon (B.S. Florida Southern College), is a second generation PCO. He also worked for an international advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. In the advertising industry, he developed a broad marketing background working for clients such as American Express, Anheuser-Busch, Harris 3M, Charter Medical, Cox Cable, C&S Bank, Curtis 1000, and Centers for Disease Control. Rand also has the practical experience of building organically and through acquisition, and later selling a large independent pest control company in northern Florida.

Over the years, this broad base of knowledge and experience has paid great dividends to many of Preferred Business Brokers’ clients.

How much is my pest control company worth? Preferred Business Brokers.Exit Strategy - When Is The Best Time to Sell?

Since 1987 PBB Advisory Services has employed unmatched pest industry business transaction experience, broad capabilities, and unparalleled market reach. While allowing clients to focus on operating their business, Preferred Business Brokers Advisory Services works with our clients to confidentially create a path toward projected Exit Strategy Benefits where risk is minimized and value maximized.

"It’s been a great ride. Lots of hard work and some great rewards along the way. Now it’s time to just simplify things." – P.D.

Exit Strategies are triggered for any number of reasons. Often an exit takes place once an objective is achieved that is worth more than the cost of continued business. Sometimes there are external triggers.

Here, directly from our files, is a five-year look back - Why owners have exited their pest control businesses. While 25% simply retired, half of all owners were selling to pursue another business opportunity. Surprisingly, only 4% of pest control businesses were sold due to a death, illness, divorce or other life event. And, 21% of owners were staying in the pest control business but simply chose to leave a particular geographic location.

Wherever you are within the life cycle of your business, Preferred Business Brokers Advisory Services will work with you to analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses relative to value. And when the time comes, you will be prepared to confidently work through your individual exit strategy -  “eyes wide open” and in-charge.

For a free confidential discussion and to learn more about how we can bring more to the table for you, contact Preferred Business Brokers or call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153. (Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)


How much is my pest control business worth? It may depend on the buyer...Who Are The Buyers?

Fact is every "buyer-type" values a pest control company differently.

Pest Control companies are purchased by different types of buyers for many different reasons. These buyer-types include large company acquirers, private equity investors, regional and local competitors, partnerships, individuals… and others.

Who will recognize your business’ greatest potential?

Our pre-deal processes combined with a confidential, strategic search of qualified buyers is conducted both inside and outside our client’s current location to determine the best potential buyer for each client’s business.

Which buyer will bring the most value to a transaction?

As as you can see from the diagram, Preferred Business Brokers creates client appeal throughout the overall marketplace resulting in maximum value perceived among a variety of Buyer-types.

Over 30 years of pest industry merger and acquisition experience plus an understanding of each client’s business, allows us to confidentially exercise a strategic search for qualified candidates who are most likely to recognize the full potential of our clients' businesses.

Our market reach provides the exposure to the overall marketplace that you need to obtain the maximum value for your pest company. If you want to know, "How much is my pest control business worth?", contact us or call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153. (Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)