Selling a Pest Control Business?

Preferred Business Brokers Has Over 30 Years Experience

At Preferred Business Brokers, we are Pest Control Industry Business Transaction Experts. Leading hundreds of transactions since 1987, we have been unmatched in our ability to deliver a superior experience for our clients merging or selling a pest control business. Our team understands the mechanics of owning and selling a pest control company better than other business brokers in the industry.

Like all business brokers, we are licensed to sell many different types of businesses. What makes us different is that we choose to specialize specifically in the sale of Pest Control Companies. Our vast experience comes from the hundreds of successful pest control business transactions that we have coordinated, managed, and Closed for clients across the country and Caribbean. We have unparalleled market reach through our contacts made from decades spent in the pest industry. Our connections provide the type of exposure to a wide range of potential buyers and sellers, which ultimately helps our small-, mid-, and large-sized pest control company client maximize their strategic objectives and value.

PBB Advisory Services directs and advises our clients through the many Intricacies related to each specific type of business transaction. In this role, PBB can work with Buyers, Sellers, or both, to independently craft processes to help ensure a smooth transaction and transition for all parties. These processes often include Fair Market Business Valuation, Offer Formulation, Existing Offer Evaluation, Letters of Intent, Confidentiality Management, Due Diligence, CPA/Attorney Coordination, and Post-Close Integration Coaching.

Our unmatched pest industry transaction experience is proven to bring more value to the table and minimize transaction risk. 


"Eyes Wide Open" Philosophy

We know that you have plenty to do with the day-to-day operation of your business and don't need to be burdened with the marketing, transaction details, and related stress of acquiring or selling a pest company. Put our years of experience closing 100s of pest industry transactions to work for you. Let us be your eyes on every detail, our connections expose you to the right people, our experience handle every curve, and our knowledge of the industry help you maximize your objective. You will never be "in the dark" with PBB - we will make sure your eyes are wide open by keeping you informed and involved. And, you do what you have always done best - run your company. 


Determining the Value a Company

The first thing every business owner wants to know when they are selling a pest control company is, "How much is my pest control company worth?".

Business valuation is both an art and a science. Our proprietary valuation models have been developed as a result of our 30 years of exclusive pest industry experience.

There are many factors used in determining the value of a pest control business. Obviously, the company's assets and liabilities, annual revenue and expenses, and the company's goodwill and identity in its community are all very important factors. Here at Preferred Business Brokers, we employ many strategies developed from hundreds of pest control business transactions to maximize your company value. Learn More...


Why Preferred Business Brokers?

Here at PBB, we combine superior knowledge and ability, unmatched pest industry transaction experience, and 30 years of industry contacts to help pest control company owners reach their goals. Our direct project involvement and personal attention to detail, makes it possible for PBB clients to run their daily business operations unencumbered while remaining informed. We go the extra mile to help you maximize your objectives...

  • Confidentiality is critical, and is protected by PBB throughout the transaction with all parties involved.
  • Our (before market) process put your company in the best possible light to ensure the best reception among all prospective buyers.
  • We find value in your business that would typically be missed by others.
  • Our strategic search for qualified candidates encompasses every type of buyer, locating the buyer most likely to recognize the full potential of your business.
  • Creative solutions are one of the main reasons why PBB is the long-standing leader in Pest Industry Mergers and Acquisitions coordination.
  • We have hundreds of industry contacts which provide access to individual and corporate buyers alike.
  • We understand that all buyer-types will not value your business the same way.
  • We work exclusively in the pest industry making PBB The Pest Industry Transaction Experts.
  • PBB provides an informed "eyes wide open" experience, so that you can concentrate on normal, day-to-day business.
  • Every client receives our direct participation and personal attention through project completion and beyond.
  • PBB's experience spans over 30 years, involving 100s of transactions throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.
  • Pest industry market credibility is our greatest asset.

Since 1987 Preferred Business Brokers has employed unmatched pest industry business transaction experience, broad capabilities, and unparalleled market reach to help small and middle market pest control companies reach their individual objectives. Our strategic market-wide search for qualified buyers provides the best opportunity to find the buyer most likely to see the full potential of your business.

Rand Hollon

Rand earned his bachelor of science degree from Florida Southern College. Early in his career, Rand worked for an international advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, representing many clients including Charter Medical, Harris 3M, Curtis 1000, Cox Cable, C&S Bank, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, and Centers for Disease Control. He is also a second generation pest control company owner, and has the invaluable experience of personally owning, building, and selling a large independent pest control company in northern Florida.

Over the years, Rand's vast experience and exposure to both marketing and the pest industry have proven invaluable to many of Preferred Business Brokers’ Clients.

Selling a Pest Control Company - Preferred Business Brokers

When Is The Best Time to Sell My Pest Control Business?

Since 1987, Preferred Business Brokers has enjoyed a significant advantage over our competition. Our 30 years of pest industry business transaction knowledge and experience, combined with our connections in the industry are simply unmatched. While our clients work on the day-to-day operations of their businesses, we work confidentially with potential candidates in order to maximize our client's Exit Strategy goals while minimizing risk.

Pest control business owners decide to sell for a number of reasons. Sometimes an owner decides to sell when a goal is met that is worth more than the continued cost of business involvement. Often, there are external triggers.

Here, directly from our files, is a five-year look at why pest control company owners have exited their business. A full one half of all owners leave in order to pursue another business opportunity! Another 25% are seeking retirement, while only 4% experience a life event like divorce, death or illness. Finally 21% remain in the pest industry and are liquidating only in a particular geographic location.

“It’s been a great ride. Lots of hard work and some great rewards along the way. Now it’s time to just simplify things.” – P.D.

Wherever you are within the life cycle of your business, Preferred Business Brokers/Advisory Services works with you to analyze your company’s strengths and weaknesses relative to value. And when the time comes, prepared clients confidently work through individual exit strategies “eyes wide open” and in-charge.

For a free confidential discussion and to learn more about how we bring more to your table, contact Preferred Business Brokers or call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153. (Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)

Who Are The Buyers?

Fact is every "buyer-type" will value your pest control company differently.

There are many types of buyers who purchase pest control companies for many different reasons. These various "buyer-types" include large corporate acquirers, private equity investors, local and regional competitors, individuals, partnerships, and others.

Who will recognize your business’ greatest potential?

The pre-deal process at PBB is the first step, followed by a confidential, strategic search of qualified candidates both inside and outside of the current location. These processes have been proven to produce the best potential buyer for our clients' businesses.

Which buyer will bring the most value to a transaction?

As as you can see from the diagram, PBB creates broad client appeal across the overall industry marketplace. The result - maximum transaction value for our clients.

30 years of both pest control business transaction and pest industry experience allows us to confidentially exercise a strategic search for qualified candidates most likely to recognize the full potential of our client’s businesses.

Our market reach creates the right exposure to the right people in the industry, bringing maximum value for PBB clients. Contact us or call us toll free at 1-800-633-5153. (Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1-352-629-7908.)